April 1, 2019

Back on the beach…

Recovery Station’s April Spotlight is on Caroline-Anne who has been receiving physiotherapy services from Recovery Station’s clinicians for 5 ½ years.

Caroline-Anne was leading a very full and active life until a stroke dramatically changed her life at the age of 43. After 3 months in hospital, she was moved to a Residential Aged Care Facility and told she would never walk or talk again.  After 6 months in the aged care facility, she achieved the goal of returning to live in her family home and five years on, her wheelchair is now a dust collector.

Caroline-Anne received physiotherapy services from Recovery Station from 2013. Her needs were adapted to and we listened to her desires, working with Caroline-Anne and her family to negotiate goals. Her primary aim was to increase her mobility so she could get back home to her family.  She wanted to be as independent as possible, spend as much time with her family as she could, communicate better and to one day walk again.

To achieve this, Caroline-Anne received physiotherapy services aimed at assisting in regaining mobility including standing, stepping, lower limb strength and upper limb maintenance. Caroline-Anne’s program involved activities she had loved to do before her stroke. These days, her mobility continues to improve, and she now uses a walking stick to go for walks along the beach and goes swimming up to 3-4 times a week. Caroline-Anne has been able to live a life where she can support her kids by attending their sporting games, go on family holidays and connect with a weekly aphasia group.

For more information on Recovery Station’s Physiotherapy services, please call 1300 588 851.