Achieving goals with a team

Michelle conquered this mean set of stairs with her Recovery Station Physiotherapy and Dietetic team – despite covid-19!

To achieve her goals, Michelle worked with both Jack, our awesome Physiotherapist (see pictured), and Caitlin our senior Dietitian.

One of Michelle’s goals was to be more food wise, and this has resulted in some amazing changes towards weight loss. With Caitlin’s expert nutrition knowledge and skills, she took to educating Michelle around healthy food choices, portion control and meal planning, as well as developing a personalised cookbook and meal plan for her.  Michelle has now changed her diet and says working with Caitlin has helped change the way she looks at food.

Dietitian Caitlin Dillon-Smith
Senior Dietitian – Caitlin Dillon-Smith

Michelle has also been working closely with our wonderful Physiotherapist, Jack. Michelle identified she was having difficulty with the use of stairs. Together, Michelle and Jack set a goal with the aim to improve Michelle’s ability to use stairs. With this goal in mind, a home exercise program was developed for Michelle to complete on a regular basis. 

Michelle and Jack worked on a weekly basis, initially together in her home and then transitioning to telehealth appointments (Michelle wasn’t going to let Covid-19 stop her from achieving her goals). After months of hard work, Jack could see that Michelle was making big improvements in her strength and endurance and was ready to conquer any staircase. 

In this photo, Jack met for an appointment with Michelle to tackle a 94 step staircase together. Michelle did so well on the stairs that she climbed them not once but twice! That’s almost 200 steps! 

We couldn’t resist the opportunity for a photo of Jack and Michelle at the top of the stairs to celebrate Michelle achieving her goal.

Awesome work Michelle!