After 28 years without talking, Danny can now say “thank you”

Danny was a child who was on track with reaching his childhood development and speech milestones. This changed early in life and he was no longer able to speak due to an acquired disability.

Danny has been accessing Recovery Station’s Speech Pathology services through his NDIS plan for the last year. His goal is to learn how to talk again.  The therapy he has been receiving has now enabled him to re-discover his vocal cords.

Danny is now even more motivated to put in the time and work into both clinician led therapy sessions and practice at home to further his communication, build confidence and meet new friends.

Danny has been receiving voice and speech sound training from Recovery Station’s Speech Pathologist, Dr Nicole Byrne.  He has made a huge achievement as he starts to hum along to songs and can pronounce “thank you”.

Danny and Nicole have built a wonderful rapport. Danny’s Mum commented that “compassion and empathy” are always shown in the therapy sessions and Recovery Station staff “are friendly and helpful”.

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