Assessing Fitness to Drive

Occupational Therapy practitioners are experts in addressing the essential and everyday activities of daily living. We also play an important role in driver rehabilitation to support people to remain mobile and independent. We help ensure their meaningful participation in the community.

Examples of when an individual may require a driving assessment:
– Diagnosed with vision impairment, reduced physical and/or mental skills due to degenerative condition.
– Have a condition that affects ability to drive, such as, physical injury, head injury, illness, disability, stroke, or a psychiatric disorder.
– When specialised driving advice is needed, such as, customised seating, safe driving techniques, driving endurance, returning to work where driving is essential, including driving heavy vehicles.
– People experiencing reduced confidence or anxiety in a variety of traffic situations.
– To assess your suitability and safety before you start drive, if you are on a Learner’s Licence.

The assessment process:

Not only can specialised training help optimise and prolong an older driver’s ability to drive safely it can ease the transition to other forms of transportation if limiting or stopping driving becomes necessary.

Our driving assessment service is available in the Central Coast, Hunter and Sydney and will determine if you need to modify your driving habits, require vehicle modifications or specialised equipment for your vehicle or need help identifying other transport options.

Jenni Gow, Occupational Therapist in our Sydney office is now available to assess your fitness to drive. Call us now to find out more 1300 588 851.