High level pressure care in a mattress

Tristan Anderson from Alphacare (www.alphacare.com.au) presented the latest Cirrus mattress with the the latest high tech features.

Some of the benefits include:
* Treats up to Level 4 pressure care (highest)
* Outer covers – anti shear for easier bed mobility / reduced risk of developing pressure areas
* Side foam for safe and more manageable transfers
* Improved cover for hygiene
* Alternating air cells (x 8) for pressure care
– Like the Roho cushion, the clinician is able to complete a hand check to ensure that they are not bottoming out
* Mattress tapers at end foot support for optimal pressure care (can demonstrate this with a piece of paper – place paper under feet and you will be able to slip it out from under feet without tearing it = limited pressure on feet)

– Highly adjustable, including for comfort level, length of alternating cycle, seat position
– Use static mode for client transfers
– 230 kgs – maximum user weight
– Evacuation straps on mattress, also contains torso and hip straps to secure client during transport
– VERY quiet motor

More info can be found at: http://alphacare.com.au/rehabilitation-equipment/pressure-care

If you or someone you love are experiencing issues with pressure care please call us to discuss how our Occupational Therapists can help with your healthcare needs.