Home Based Therapy and Reablement with Recovery Station

Community care enables people to continue to live independently in their community and receive the supports they need in their own homes.  This has been shown to have greater and longer lasting health benefits.

Recovery Station’s team of allied health professionals specialises in providing services in the home. Meaningful goals can be set with the client as they are encouraged to articulate what is important for them in the comfort of their own home. Being able to remain in the home is especially important for individuals who have limited access to transport.

We provide a suite of allied health and specialised health and wellbeing services within the community to help clients regain or strengthen their mobility, independence and general sense of wellbeing. We have helped clients aged 107 years young to remain independent in their home, and we continue to work with young people in aged care facilities to return to home.

Maintaining health and wellbeing as people get older or their health status changes is important and can dramatically impact on a person’s ability to remain independent and to experience a full life. Allied health interventions include assessment, diagnosis and therapies to enable people maintain function, mobility and overall independence. Our allied health professionals also provide psychosocial interventions such as sensory integration and finding routine and purpose to live a fuller life. To maintain health through reablement people are also likely to benefit from preventative health services, such as specialised exercise programs, falls prevention programs and guidance about how to maintain good nutrition.

Our Fall Prevention Program

Falls can result in serious injury with about a quarter of elderly people dying within a year from complications from the fall. This is grim news when you consider the number of elderly people in our communities and the number of falls. Falls can shatter confidence and without the right plan and supports in place this can lead into a downward spiral from doing less exercise to loss of muscle to another fall.

Strength and balance exercises along with home hazard reduction can prevent falls.

At Recovery Station we address the causes of falls whether they are sensory changes, deteriorating muscle strength or loss of balance. Exercise is a key factor in preventing falls as well as medications and a home safety audit from a health professional. A small investment in home modifications to falls-proof the home can mean greater independence. This can help mitigate ongoing financial costs such as employing someone to help with showering or ongoing personal costs such as becoming more reliant on services.

Our classes at the Toronto Clinic allow older people to come together regularly for socialisation, health activities and health education. Socialising is very important and is often a highlight of their week. Our classes are run by our physiotherapists. They can then observe the client closely and help them address any other issues either in the class or in private consultations.