Meet Kate and Learn how Home Modifications Changed Kate’s Life

This month we caught up with Kate who uses a wheelchair for mobility. Kate was initially referred to Recovery Station to assess how she could better access the community as she was unable to leave her house without assistance and support staff were unable to help which left her house-bound.

Following consultations and assessments with Krystele, a Recovery Station Occupational Therapist, with Kate and her NDIS provider, the consensus was made to build a new ramp. As a participant of the NDIS, Kate’s plan included funding for these services. Krystele worked with Kate to modify her home and a ramp was installed along the side of her house to her front door.

Thanks to Krystele, a ramp was designed to suit Kate’s requirements and at the same time meeting the Australian Standards for building requirements. Along every step of the process to build the ramp, Kate was “kept in the loop” by Krystele as knowing how the job was proceeding was very important to her, especially as she was in hospital at the time the ramp was being installed and unable to check progress herself.

Kate felt well supported through the experience which she says has made a huge difference to her quality of life. She commented that both the Occupational Therapist and builder were “fantastic”. The client said the builder was “kind, sensitive” and “didn’t look down” on her, treating her with respect and dignity.

When asked how the modification had changed her life Kate responded with, “gosh, 80% of my life has improved.” Once the ramp was completed, Kate was able to regain her independence and began to access the community again. She could now do “little things that people don’t think about” like taking out the garbage, checking the mail and heading down the street for a coffee with friends. She was no longer housebound.

Home modifications, whether more complex like Kate’s or as simple as a hand rail, ensure clients are given opportunities to improve their performance of daily activities leading to increased independence in their lives. For more information on Home Modifications that Recovery Station’s Occupational Therapists can help you with, please call 1300 588 851.