July 11, 2019

NDIS Updates for Recovery Station

Updated NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue 2019–20 (effective 1 July 2019)

Each year the NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue 2019–20 is updated by the NDIS. It is a guide to the changes required by providers on how they deliver services to NDIS participants. The intention includes creating fair and sustainable services to participants over the lifetime of their plans through a viable and engaged workforce.

The Recovery Station team have been working hard over the past week to review and apply the updates within the new NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue 2019–20. Since July 1 NDIS has continued to change the guide with some significant updates to how providers deliver services.  Recovery Station are now confident to implement these changes with the hope that there will be little to no impact to our participants. We are writing to you to advise you of the NDIS changes and how they could affect your services with Recovery Station. We hope that this information will provide the necessary details to give you a clear understanding of the NDIS updates.

The NDIS Price Guide 2019/20 takes effect on July 1 2019. The new guide includes updates for providers on how they deliver services for you.

Detailed information can be found on the NDIS website: NDIS have advised “The NDIS Price Guide (https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/price-guides-and-information) and Support Catalogue 2019–20 are now in effect and price changes are live in the payment system. Key updates effective from 1 July 2019 are on the Annual Price Review page of the NDIS website(https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/price-guides-and-information/annual-price-review).”

It is our understanding that these NDIS updates should not impact the number of hours in your plan with Recovery Station. The 2019-2020 NDIS Price Guide includes updates to prices from the 1 July 2019; how travel fees are calculated; an updated cancellation policy; and providing greater flexibility around how some services are made available to you, including therapy groups.

As a valued client of Recovery Station we already share a service agreement with you that states fees will change in line with NDIS price guide increases. All plans are indexed by the NDIS regardless of how they are managed.

We have been advised by NDIS that they will endeavour to increase all funding plans by the difference in the hourly rates (eg OT $179.26 to $193.99), which would therefore have no effect on the number of hours each client has in their plan. If the difference in funds are available for us to use, we will update our systems accordingly. This will be in effect from 1 July 2019 as part of the annual indexation of Plans. Clients do not need to seek a Plan Review to access these additional funds. However, going through these updates to our system, as well as speaking with clients, there is either a delay or error in processing, meaning this update to individual plans may not have come in to effect. We suggest that, if these changes have not taken effect as yet, then each client or their representative consult their individual portals, or make contact with NDIS to ascertain if and when changes will be made. It is important to remember that the NDIS Price Guide is the document that defines the maximum prices that providers can charge Participants with Agency or Plan Managed Plans. 

The following updates are to keep you informed of the new requirements for Recovery Station in delivering therapy supports

  • Price Guide

The NDIS have made allowances for price increases to the supports contained in current participant plans and have advised that there should be no negative impact on the plan hours that you receive.

Please note the change to the hourly rate of services (see above NDIS link) take place from the 1 July 2019. Your current Service Agreement with Recovery Station states that fees are indexed according to the annual NDIS Price Guide. What does this mean for you?

  • Agency Managed participants – You will notice that Service Bookings created prior to the 1 July 2019 in the NDIS portal have not been updated according to NDIS indexation. Please be advised that Recovery Station is required to apply the updates and manually claim the increases to add into your current service booking. The expectation is that this will ensure that the agreed hours in our Service Agreement will remain the same. In addition we will seek your consent in a Service Agreement addendum (or verbally if we are not able to sign off to action the Service Booking). We will keep a log of any discrepancies we may find in the NDIS portal for increases applied to hourly rates.
  • Self-Managed and Plan Managed participants – Please check with your Plan Manger or NDIS contact to confirm how the new NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue 2019–20 will affect youIt is our understanding that the price indexation will automatically be applied and the Service Agreement you hold with Recovery Station and the number of hours we have agreed will remain the same.

Please note the following updates to cancellation and travel policies will be applied from the 8 July by Recovery Station to align with the new NDIS Price Guide:

  • Cancellation Policy

If you cannot keep your appointment, we ask you to call us as soon as possible so we can reschedule and offer the appointment to someone else. Recovery Station will make every attempt to fill the cancelled appointment time where possible to help avoid a cancellation fee being applied. However this cannot be guaranteed. We will provide clients with an additional text reminder prior to the cancellation policy period to help them avoid this charge.

  • The cancellation fee is equivalent to 90% of what the appointment fee would have been (including travel for ‘no shows’).
  • A cancellation fee is applied where clients have provided less than 2 clear business days’ notice.
  • There is no limit to the number of short notice cancellations (or no shows) that a provider can claim in respect of a participant.

If we are unable to contact a client at a home visit, we will make every attempt to ensure the safety of that client.

An additional SMS will be sent 3 business days before your appointment to remind you and to help avoid the cancellation fee.

  • Travel Policy

NDIS guidelines state that travel will be charged at the hourly rate of the support item being provided. The travel charged for clinicians to come to your home (or other setting of your choice) includes the time it takes for the clinician to drive to the visit and an allocation of the return travel back to the office from the final visit of the day.

  • A maximum of 30 mins (or 60 minutes in some regional areas) is charged to each client for the time it takes for our clinician to see you in your home or other setting.
  • The return trip time for the clinician to drive back to the office from the last client visit is shared equally between the NDIS participants seen on that day.

Ideally the adjustments made by the NDIS should not affect the hours you have available to you, it should only reflect the NDIS price increase to the support category rate for service providers. It is important to note though that the changes NDIS have made to the cancellation and travel policies will apply to your existing hours.

We also offer the opportunity to discuss further if required. Please forward any queries to admin@recoverystation.com.au or call our office on the details below.  

As a valued client of Recovery Station, we thank you for your patience while we implement the required NDIS updates.

Warm regards

The Team at Recovery Station