Recovery Station is taking training to a whole new level

Actually……. It’s Skye our Team Coordinator and her daughter doing all of the training


This is Skye, who is currently being a puppy carer for Yo-yo who is a Guide Dog in training!

Becoming a guide dog trainer is a huge responsibility and Skye is well and truly up for the role.  Skye is fortunate enough to be able to train Yo-Yo whilst still being able to attend to her normal work role as a Team Coordinator here at Recovery Station.

Yo-Yo does get plenty of downtime at home, but while at work, it is important for Yo-Yo to stick to a strict routine.  Skye has provided the Team at Recovery Station with a set of rules for us to stick to like when Yo-Yo has his orange Guide Dog coat on, it is important for us to not interact with him as he is in ‘working mode’.   ‘and boy is she strict’………not even a sneaky pat is allowed.

But all jokes aside, turning a cute pup into a fully working Guide Dog involves a remarkable process.

The selected puppies undergo an intensive five-month program with a guide Dog Instructor to learn the complex skills required for their new job and Skye is doing an amazing job with Yo-Yo.

The Recovery Station team are happy to support initiatives like these so others have a guide dog to help them achieve their goals.

You are both doing a great job and Yo-Yo will be a great companion and leader for someone special.

Welcoming Yo-yo to the Recovery Station Team and keep up the great work!