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Energy Conservation Program

Energy conservation is all about finding ways to use your energy wisely and more efficiently to accomplish the tasks that you have to do and still have the energy to do the things that you want to do. Some illnesses or injuries, such as lung or heart problems, may cause the person to fatigue easily.  Also, many people find that as they age they don’t have the energy to rush around as they once could.

Our team of Occupational Therapists offer energy conservation programs to enhance an individual’s ability to cope with daily activities.

Educating you in the principles of energy conservation that can be incorporated into daily activities:

  • Organisation of daily routine and activities, includes prioritising tasks and eliminating unnecessary tasks
  • Use of appropriate tools and assistive devices to simplify activities
  • Carrying out activities at an appropriate pace
  • Avoiding awkward and strenuous postures that may impair breathing

The program typically consists of 3 – 6 sessions of 60 minutes and held on a weekly basis. A program action plan is developed based on your goals. Both a pre and post evaluation is conducted to review progress.

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