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Exercise Programs

Accredited Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists
Flexible & Rolling Programs

As of August 2020, Recovery Station is now offering a series of group programs which can be funded by NDIS through improved health and wellbeing/ improved daily living.

Location options:
• onsite within our clinics
• group homes
• schools
• individually in your home/community
• existing social groups looking for a structured exercise program

Encouraging regular physical activity that is fun and enjoyable, leads to developing regular ongoing exercise habits long term.

1-5 participants tailored to individual goals
Economical use of plan funds

Research has shown that both children and adults with disabilities, including: Intellectual disabilities, down syndrome, developmental delay/ global development delay and Cerebral Palsy, experience lower levels of physical activity throughout their lifetime. 
Lower levels of physical activity or sedentary behavior have been long recognized as a major risk factor for the development of co-morbidities such as metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and other chronic health conditions.

Download a brochure;

The cost involved for the program, will be charged
at the NDIS Exercise Physiologist rate;
• 1 hr initial assessment
• 1 hr review assessment (after initial 10 week program)
• 1 hr review assessment (each year)
• 1 hr report providing program outcomes and recommendation for the next plan for the NDIS
• Weekly ongoing sessions – tailored to available funding (school term only for Teen Gym). The NDIS hourly rate is share by the number of participants
• Hourly rate is pro-rated to number of participants in the group
• Travel time / kilometres where travel is required from our nearest office

Starting August 2020
with more programs to come later

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