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Pressure Care Prevention & Management Services

Pressure Care Prevention aims to reduce and prevent the incidence of pressure ulcers and to ensure existing pressure areas are managed appropriately. The Occupational Therapist’s role is to educate clients and carers on pressure areas, provide appropriate prevention and management strategies.

Pressure ulcers are areas of skin that have been damaged due to prolong pressure. This occurs where the weight of the body causes compression of tissue between a bone and the surface a person is lying or sitting on.

Using a holistic approach, we assess risks and tailor an individual pressure care management plan. We work with other health professionals to ensure adequate care and optimum treatment is provided. This in turn reduces your risk and increases the quality of life.

Services include:

  • comprehensive Assessment
  • prescription and training in aids and equipment
  • education and prevention / management strategies
  • wound management, including position regimes
  • increased awareness and understanding of pressure areas/management.
  • carer and family education.

This service is suitable for you if you are at risk of developing pressure areas or have a history of pressure areas. Clients with predisposing factors for pressure areas include decreased mobility, impaired sensory perception, previous pressure ulcer and skin conditions, impaired cognition, nutritional deficiencies, poor skin tolerance, disease/illness/surgery, incontinence, and co-morbidities such as diabetes.

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