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Restorative Health

At Recovery Station we support older Australians to live the lives they want well into the future through our Restorative Health programs.

Restorative health is an approach to managing the physical and cognitive wellbeing of older people. It is based on the premise that everyone has the capacity to regain much of their physical, cognitive, social and emotional capacity. This results in opportunities to remain at home and to live more actively, autonomously and independently in the community.

At Recovery Station, restorative health is an effective and fun approach to revitalise and live the best possible life you can. Under the guidance of our clinicians and with your full commitment you will be able to maintain your physical and cognitive capacity for longer.

People recently identified as needing some type of assistance are often referred to our programs with the aim to promote long-term health, wellbeing and independence, and to restore physical, cognitive and emotional capacity, confidence and self-determination. This could be following a stroke, general decline, joint replacement surgery or other physical ailment or injury. Or following rehabilitation in a hospital the restorative health approach can help ensure a full recovery when at home and maximise your potential. We can also meet your psychosocial goals by addressing experiences of grief and loss following loss of a loved one, depression or feelings of loneliness and helplessness resulting from role changes in the continuum of life.

Benefits of the Restorative Health approach:

  • Boosts your independence and mood
  • Allows you to remain living in your home for longer
  • Experiences of greater health, strength and wellbeing
  • The need for longer term formal support or acute care services is delayed, reduced, or removed

How the Restorative Health approach works:

  1. Motivational goal setting is used to confirm your commitment and participation towards achieving life enhancing outcomes. This is where your goals are set.
  2. A plan is developed – it sets the planned course to reach your goals. Your individualised plan is largely based on therapeutic approaches aimed at your cognitive, emotional and physical rehabilitation.
  3. Psychological interventions – a resilience-focused therapeutic approach encourages you to think about strategies you can use to overcome the obstacles you are facing.
  4. Physical interventions – largely consist of specific programs of exercise, adjusted tasks and physical activity that are geared to restore your capacity to live a fulfilling life. Over time, the interventions will increase your strength, balance, physical condition and outlook on life. This many include personalised exercise and training, assistive equipment, strategies, and home modifications.
  5. Your Restorative health team at Recovery Station – includes: occupational therapy (for functional and mental health) and physiotherapy.

The Restorative Health approach – it works!

Evidence shows:

  • Reduced risk of permanent residential care admission by up to 43% with no increase in adverse effects such as falls, hospitalisation, GP visits or caregiver stress.
  • Greater independence in daily living activities, lower levels of depression and a 28% reduction in the risk of dying.

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