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Sleep Hygiene Program

Sleep hygiene is your personal collection of habits that determine the quality of your sleep. Sleep is essential for well-being and critical for maintaining homeostasis and participating in activities of daily living. We now know that sleep deprivation and poor quality sleep are strongly associated with depression and that a healthy and balanced lifestyle helps the immune system to function at its optimal level.

Occupational Therapists use knowledge of sleep physiology, sleep disorders, and evidence-based sleep promotion practices to evaluate and address the functional ramifications of sleep insufficiency or sleep disorders on performance and participation.

Interventions focus on promoting optimal sleep performance include:

  • establishing predictable routines, including regular times for waking and sleeping
  • managing pain and fatigue
  • addressing activities of daily living, particularly for bed mobility and toileting
  • establishing individualised sleep hygiene routines (e.g, habits & patterns to facilitate restorative sleep)
  • teaching techniques, such as leaving the bedroom if awake and returning only when sleepy, or exploring self-talk statements regarding sleep patterns
  • increasing coping skills, stress management, and time management
  • addressing sensory processing disorders and teaching self-management or caregiver management
  • modifying the environment, including noise, light, temperature, bedding, and technology use while in bed

Our sleep hygiene program is suitable if you experience issues with sleep due to illness (such as angina, congestive heart failure, diabetes or ulcers), experience of pain that interrupts sleep (caused by such things as arthritis) or experience of depression or anxiety (which may cause early morning wakening and an inability to go back to sleep).

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