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Stress Management and Relaxation Program

Research has shown that stress and anxiety management strategies improve quality of life during stressful life experiences. When an individual learns to deal with stressful situations it will increase their independence & transition them into a lifestyle that creates a balance between work, rest and leisure.

Recovery Station Occupational Therapists will work with you to achieve stress reduction and improve occupational performance through evidence-based and practical interventions.

You can develop techniques to:

  • identifying symptoms and causes of stress (physical, emotional, behavioural)
  • recognise beliefs and thoughts that have proven to be self-defeating and reduce quality of life
  • develop new ways to cope with stress, improve sleep and a variety of relaxation and meditation techniques, including mindfulness
  • identify and adopt desirable health behaviours
  • learn time management skills

Learning what drives your problems with stress and addressing the factors that are significant for you are at the heart of effective stress management. Our clinicians have extensive experience working with stress and stress management in an individualised way. Our evidence-based treatment includes relaxation therapy (personalised to suit individual needs), mindfulness, fatigue management, solution focused therapy and therapeutic use of activity. A program plan is developed based on you needs and goals. Both pre and post evaluation is conducted to review progress

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