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Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Our Stroke Rehabilitation program aims to maximise your life after a stroke by improving abilities to cope with the effects and prevent deterioration. A stroke can result in physical, psychological, social and daily living changes. Our clinicians plan a rehabilitation programme, taking into consideration your general health, previous level of activity and interests.

Our team provides the professional support required for optimal rehabilitation results through the identification of impairments, careful attention to comorbidities and complications, early goal directed treatment and systematic assessment of progress and education. Our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists work together with you on an individualised rehabilitation program that can be deliver it in your home or at our clinic.

The Occupational Therapists will complete a home assessment, looking at ease of movement and strategies to generally manage at home. Typically many recommend simple modifications to the home and advice on home aids, such as a shower chair and handrails. They also look at methods of adapting to changed circumstances by designing specific activities concentrating on the skills needed in everyday living. Our OT’s also offer rehabilitation for upper limbs and help clients manage visual perceptual and cognitive difficulties.

The Physiotherapist part of the program is about movement, such as turning over in bed, rising to the sitting position, maintaining balance in the upright position, transferring to and from a chair, standing and walking and developing to more complex activities as progress is achieved.

The program is developed on an individual basis, based on the level of rehabilitation required and client goals. Evaluation is conducted ongoing to review progress and measure outcomes.

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