Stephen is marching out of covid!

Stephen is definitely not someone who has let ‘covid deconditioning’ set in. In fact, he has been working closely with our Physiotherapist Jack for the past 4 months.

According to Jack, Stephen is a very motivated and driven individual, who works hard to achieve his goals. Together they have been focusing on weight loss and increasing Stephen’s walking tolerance within the community.

Initially, Stephen was able to walk 1.6km in about 40 minutes. Jack developed an exercise program for Stephen to complete at home to assist in increasing his walking endurance. Jack was able to monitor this, and Stephen’s daily step count through the exercise diary that Stephen was keeping.

They focused on gradually increasing the distance and speed at which Stephen was walking. Stephen’s walking endurance has now more than doubled and by the end of June they walked 3.4kms in just over an hour!

But wait! There’s more! This was not the only goal that Stephen was able to achieve …….as he is now also weighing in at under 100kg!

Congratulations Stephen!

All of your hardwork is paying off and I am excited to see what you can achieve next 😊

Jack Gillingham – Physiotherapist