Vision Impairment & Staying Connected to your Community

On Thursday 15/10/15 the Clinical Team at Recovery Stations Sydney Office were visited by Jennifer Jedovnicky, an Orientation and Mobility Instructor from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT. Jennifer discussed the Guide Dogs services, educating the team on eligible clients with visual impairments and the referral processes to ensure accessibility to our clients in the community. She advised that the services available through Guide Dogs include orientation and mobility training in the community as well as in relevant home, school or care environments. These services aim to assist people with visual impairments in orientating themselves to their environment in order to increase their safety and confidence.

The team were shown mobility aids available to clients to assist in orientation and mobility training and were provided with useful tips for effectively communicating with clients with visual impairments with a view to maximise their inclusion in social activities. With this new information our team are now able to ensure that clients affected by visual impairments will be able to access a service which aims to increase their independence and safe mobility. Recovery Station – helping you stay connected to your community.