Active Ageing with Recovery Station

Yesterday Beth Gwalter, Director and Occupational Therapist at Recovery Station was delighted to present to the combined Aged Care Providers Forum and the Newcastle / Lake Macquarie Community Care Network Meeting.

“There was a large turnout of around 80 people from the aged care service industry. It was great to see so many people partnering together towards better care and systems of support. I was very grateful to share the important role allied health play in the health and wellbeing of our ageing population.

Allied health professionals assist in building the capacity of people to do the things they want in life and to remain as independent and safe as possible. This hugely adds to their quality of life, including end of life care. Working with an individual’s goals and health status, allied health professionals enhance ability for self-management or can assist in the day to day care. We assist in active ageing for people to remain in the home, prevent aged care facility admissions and help people regain mobility and function despite age and disability. Whether recovering from an injury or illness or dealing with the effects of ageing and mental health issues, a referral to an allied health professional can make a huge difference in a person’s care outcomes. Here’s a few of the ways Recovery Station’s allied health team can assist:

Occupational Therapy – home assessments, equipment prescription, home modifications, manual handling, driving assessments, mental health programs, memory strategies, falls prevention, pressure care, neuro and upper limb / hand rehabilitation, continence assessments, travel and transport assessments, functional assessments

Physiotherapy – Pain management, aquatic therapy, rehabilitation and restorative care, mobility and gait assessments, exercise programs, back care, lifestyle and wellness advice

Speech Pathology – Assist with swallowing and drinking issues, language, writing, reading, signs, gestures and communication issues

Dietetics – Expert nutrition and dietary advice, menu reviews and planning, nutrition and hydration, nutritional supplement reviews, weight monitoring, nutrition and malnutrition risk screening and health promotion

Mental Health – Dementia care, functional status assessments, sensory profiles, social and living skills, emotional wellness, anxiety and depression, grief and loss and issues with carrying out day to day activities.

Our staff provide in-home and facility services. Recovery Station also have gyms and clinics that provide individual and group therapy that includes rehabilitation, supervised gym sessions, balance and strengthening groups, Pilates, wellbeing groups and much more – something for everyone. It also encourages social interaction within the general population and is enjoyed by all who visit.

Often individuals will engage with us directly or the aged care providers will contract our staff through service level agreements / brokerage arrangements for higher volumes of work at a negotiated rate.

Recovery Station also have a large administration team ready to answer calls, discuss individual client solutions and schedule appointments.”

Beth is available to provide staff inservices to help educate on the allied health professional role or on various health topics. Specific training for aged care staff also available on request.