Positive Behaviour Support

Here's how it works

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) aims to improve the quality of life of individuals and their families by helping to navigate and prevent challenging or negative behaviour.

Initially, a Positive Behaviour Support Plan will be developed. This document underpins the support framework for people looking after someone exhibiting challenging behaviours. It is specific to the individual and requires assessment, data gathering, the trial of behaviour management techniques, registration of any restrictive practice, and fade-out strategies so that we are always promoting positive client outcomes and the least restrictive practice.

A behaviour support plan is done collaboratively with the client and their care and support team. Only practitioners that are registered with the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission as Behaviour Support Practitioners can complete this.

PBS is an ethical way of providing support for people and their supporting carers or families experiencing challenging behaviour. It is focused on developing customised behaviour management plans whilst maintaining and preserving the individual’s dignity.

Here are just some of the goals of developing a Positive Behaviours Support program:

  • To improve the quality of life for the individual, their carers and their family
  • To focus on positive skills rather than the challenging behaviour
  • To include everyone in the process, the individual and everyone around them
  • To understand the reasons and triggers behind the challenging behaviours
  • To provide a long-term plan, rather than a short-term fix

A Behaviour Support Plan might include changes to the individual’s environment, safe methods to respond to unsafe behaviours, communications skills and methods, and anger management. The goal is for the individual to have improved relationships, a sense of self-worth, community interaction and self-empowerment.

Our Mental Health Team provide assistance and support to train clients’ formal and informal care providers in understanding and applying Positive Behaviour Support Plans once the plan has been developed, ensuring that this is a part of your daily routine.
How we’re different

Our Mental Health Team are fully mobile and will meet you in your preferred environment.

Recovery Station has a Mental Health Team available across the Hunter, Central Coast, Sydney and Illawarra regions. This means our team has a broad and diverse range of experience across many different disabilities and conditions and aged care.

Our Mental Health Team form part of our Multidisciplinary Allied Health team that work together toward your goals. Plus, our comprehensive reporting means that you have a clear identification of areas of need and recommendations in place to achieve your goals.

Recovery Station are registered providers for many of the funding options available to people in Australia to support their allied health needs. To learn more about our funding options, please click here.

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