Equipment & Assistive Technology

What we do

Working with our team, Equipment & Assistive Technology allow you to achieve greater independence and quality of life.

Equipment & Assistive Technology devices include tools, products or types of equipment that help you perform tasks and activities if you have a disability, injury, or impairment due to ageing. There is a vast range of technologies including everything from wheelchairs, devices, and apps, to a wide assortment of high-tech tools that may help you move around, see, communicate, eat, or get dressed/undressed.

Equipment & Assistive Technology may include:

  • Technologies that assist with communication, vision, hearing, mobility, or dexterity impairments
  • Software and apps to help to foster enablement, re-engagement with the community or facilitate entry to the workforce
  • Adaptive technologies to enhance mobility
  • Features and tools to allow the use of computers and tablets
  • Wheelchairs
  • Mobility aids
  • Manual handling
  • Beds
  • Pressure care

If you experience difficulties performing certain tasks, it’s possible that equipment or assistive technology could help you overcome your challenges. Your Occupational Therapist completes an assessment to determine the nature of equipment and/or assistive technology you may need in alignment with your goals.

Our Occupational Therapists work with you to identify, set up and train you on how to use the equipment or assistive technology that meet your specific needs and goals.

Our Strategies

Our OT’s aim is to empower you to live a quality life through:​​

Wheelchair Prescription

Manual Handling Equipment

Pressure Care Equipment

Beds and Chairs

Mobility Aids

Digital Aids

How we’re different

Our Equipment and Assistive Technology are built around you and your lifestyle.

Recovery Station has OT’s available across Sydney, Central Coast and the Hunter. This means our team has a therapist near you and is already working with suppliers in your area.  Our team has broad and diverse experience across many different disabilities and conditions as well as aged care. We know one solution does not fit all people’s needs or homes, and we are keen to work with you to find your perfect fit.

Recovery Station are registered providers for many of the funding options available to people in Australia to support their allied health needs. To learn more about our funding options, please click here.

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