Aged Care Services

Helping older adults to stay safe and independent

Recovery Station offers holistic aged care services directly to your doorstep – whether that’s in your own home or in an aged care facility. Using the latest best practices and technology, our diverse team supports you with personalised therapy and treatments that help you to live safely, maintain your independence and return to your chosen activities.

Each day, our clinicians are on the road providing therapy and support to hundreds of clients within their homes. We work with you and your family ensuring that your wants, needs, skills, environment, and budget are the focus of what we do. From the first visit and every visit after, our goal is to ensure you receive the personalised care and support you deserve, so you can continue to live the life you built.

Supporting your independence and well-being with collaborative aged care services

Recovery Station proudly delivers seamless and integrated allied health care services to clients living in their own home, or where home is an aged care facility.

Our multi-disciplinary health team work collaboratively with you and your support providers to ensure your health needs and goals are prioritised.

Together, our aim is always to support and empower you to live a full life and achieve meaningful outcomes, just like these:

Working towards goals

Due to reduced cognition, vision and sitting tolerance, Tom* was assessed as not safe to operate a wheelchair, and was becoming depressed and bed bound. Through a graded regime, he is now sitting out of bed and feels more alert and socially active.

Healthy positioning

From an ill-suited pressure care mattress to a positioning and therapy regime that addressed pressure areas and lymphedema, Simon* and his carers, received the clinical guidance needed to improve his general function.

More social engagement

Due to a significant tremor, Eve* was not coping well when eating and drinking. Distress was making her withdraw more and more. Now, with adaptive equipment for eating and drinking, she no longer spills food or drink and happily socialises at meals.

Spending time with family

By introducing a daily program of sitting and reaching exercises to improve trunk stabilisation, control and sitting balance, Heather* is well on her way to being able to go home in a wheelchair to celebrate important events with family.

As we get older, our health and well-being needs change.

Whatever way your life changes, Recovery Station is by your side. Our understanding and expert teamwork is focussed on empowering you to reach the goals that matter most to you so you can live your best, quality life.

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