Mental Health Services

Supporting people to improve their mental health and wellbeing

Recovery Station’s mental health team includes, Psychologists, Mental Health Occupational Therapists and Mental Health Social Workers, who will support your specific needs and can visit you in your own home or preferred location.

You might find that your ability to participate in the activities of daily life are challenging or you may have been diagnosed with a mental health condition such as; anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), personality disorders etc. Whatever the case, our team is committed to working with you to identify specific goals that are meaningful for you, and then helping you put the plan in place to move forward.

There can be barriers faced by those experiencing mental illness in our community. For example, you might find that you feel vulnerable in seeking help, you might not have a support network in place, you might find that you are challenged in finding work or accomodation or perhaps you feel as though there is a stigma in reaching out for help.

When this occurs, you might find even the most simple of tasks like getting out of bed or making a coffee become overwhelming. Our team will support you in working through these challenges and we are here to help.

Supporting your mental health and wellbeing with collaborative services

Each day, our clinicians are out in the community providing many kinds of mental health therapy and support to clients within their preferred space. We work with you to ensure that your wants, needs, skills, environment, and budget are the focus of what we do.

Our mental health team can support you in many ways, including:

  • Building positive habits and routines
  • Developing skills to manage your mental health specific symptoms
  • Choosing meaningful activities or hobbies
  • Increasing skills for employment
  • Managing stress related factors
  • Managing self-care, medication and daily tasks
  • Improving relationships with those around you
  • Identifying what support services would best support your individual needs
  • Working with your new or existing support networks to educate and train them in how to support you the best they can

Our goal is to ensure you receive the personalised care and support you deserve, so you can improve and build on the life you want to live.

As your needs change, so do we

Whatever life throws at you, Recovery Station is by your side. Our understanding and expert teamwork is focussed on empowering you to reach the goals that matter most to you so you can live your best, quality life.

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