Brendan’s Passion for Parkinson’s

When Brendan graduated with a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology two years ago, he identified working with clients living with Parkinson’s Disease as a special interest area he would like to pursue.

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a long-term disorder primarily impacting the section of the brain that controls the motor system. Motor symptoms like trembling, stiffness, and rigidity are usually associated with PD. 

Passion into Purpose

Brendan has been able to channel his passion into a purpose and is now facilitating a weekly exercise program at Recovery Station to help clients manage the symptoms of PD.

As an Exercise Physiologist, Brendan helps to implement neuroplastic training principles into his client’s everyday activities to get their body moving and brain firing. 

Regular Exercise makes a difference

As clients participate in a regular exercise program, it can help to slow the progression of the disease and keep them in a healthy routine, while also maintaining positive and supportive community connections with other participants living with the same condition.

Not only does Brendan’s program help clients tackle tremors, overcome bradykinesia (slow movements), and boost agility by performing neuroprotective exercises, but it also helps to release those feel-good endorphins. It’s a win on all fronts! 

One of the best parts of Brendan’s role is when a client maintains their independence and confidence or returns to something they’ve really longed to do, after implementing these exercises. 

It’s hard not to be energised by Brendan’s enthusiasm for his role and we can’t wait to see where this passion continues to take him at Recovery Station.

So what next?

To talk to our team about Parkinson’s and how we can help, you can reach out to Recovery Station on 1300 588 851.

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Side Note: Please note that the information given above is general in nature.