EP or Physio – Who should I refer to?

For some people, Exercise Physiology is a health profession that they haven’t heard of or don’t know much about, and it is sometimes confused with Physiotherapy.

Both Exercise Physiologists (EP’s) and Physiotherapists (Physio’s) have similar end goals when it comes to improving their client’s physical and mental wellbeing.

EPs and Physio’s are both university-qualified allied health clinicians that have some overlap in scope of practice and treatment management, so it’s natural that some confusion exists. The main difference is in their area of expertise.

What is the difference between an EP and Physio?

EP’s are the experts in prescribing the right exercise to help you prevent and manage your disease and improve current or chronic medical conditions, injuries and disabilities. Consider them the “Motivators” of the allied health industry encouraging clients to use exercise therapy as a tool to improve independence in daily activities.

Physio’s are the experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating symptoms, including pain, that relate to the client’s disability diagnosis. You can think of Physio’s as the “Physical Fixers” of the allied health industry and can often treat clients through manual and physical therapy. Physio’s may also be able to provide equipment aids to enhance safe mobility and independence.

How do EP’s and Physio’s work with clients? 

An EP may support a person with a physical disability or someone who is in chronic pain to improve their strength, balance and endurance through an exercise plan.

A Physio may work with the same person on their range and pattern of movement, hands-on manipulative therapy and prescribe equipment or aids.

Both Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy are funded under the NDIS and Home Care Packages. The great news is that Recovery Station has an enthusiastic and experienced allied health team that includes both Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists who are passionate about Disability and Aged Care.

So who should you refer to?

There are certain instances where you will need one of these services, but some conditions may require assistance from both.

Either way, our EP’s and Physio’s work closely together to ensure the best results for our clients.

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Side Note: Please note that the information given above is general in nature.