Introducing Exercise Physiology

Introducing Exercise Physiology – exciting new services 
Exercise physiologists can help with a range of different conditions and utilise their skills in exercise prescription. Combined with their training in behaviour change they can help clients manage their health independently.

Services include:
– Improved health and wellbeing
– Improved quality of life
– Increased physical activity levels in a safe way
– Home clinic and community based individualised exercise programs to work towards your NDIS and personal goals
– Managing chronic pain
– Strengthening programs that are tailored to the individuals needs and to the goals they are trying to achieve.  Programs are graded in line with capacities and functional gains achieved
– Hydrotherapy programs (at a pool near you) that can address aspects such as strength, balance, mobility and range of motion
– Plan Recommendation assessments and report
Meet our Exercise Physiologists
Josh is a fully Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Sports Scientist, treating a range of neurological, musculoskeletal, metabolic, respiratory and psychological conditions. Josh offers strength & conditioning exercise interventions. His knowledge and understanding of exercise and its use in health initiatives has grown over the years, encouraging his passion for education and love of health. His proficiency and knowledge base in anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and the relationships between chronic disease and exercise has allowed him to create best practice for optimal health outcomes. 

Elliot is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with 7 years of clinical experience. Originally From Hobart, Tasmania, Elliot has worked with a variety of clients from clinical work to elite athletes to achieve their health and performance goals. He is a passionate cricketer and has worked closely with Cricket Tasmania, using neurological research to improve high-level strength and conditioning training.

Elliot has also looked after a range of injuries and pathologies as well as helped clients undertake lifestyle interventions to improve quality of life.

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