Physical isolation does not mean social isolation

Recovery Station has the safety of our clients, staff and their care networks at the forefront, with the evolving outbreak of COVID-19. During these unprecedented times, we understand that this has a significant impact on lives, and we are embracing more than ever a human-centred and holistic approach to play our part in safe-guarding the wellbeing of everyone.

Physical isolation does not mean social isolation.

As this situation is expected to continue for an extended period of time, and parts of our community go into lock down, we will start experiencing more physical isolation. This does not mean social isolation, and Recovery Station is committed to staying connected with our communities and clients. Our services provide an important means for keeping in touch, allowing people to continue with important therapy goals and having contact with the world around them. We are working with each of our clients, staff and our client care networks, to ensure robust systems are in place for infection control and innovative delivery models. 

Recovery Station will continue to ensure reliable and essential Allied Health services are available and accessible to all clients.

Using Telepractice, clients can choose to have their appointment provided remotely with their therapist over the phone or video conference, via a smart phone, tablet or laptop.  Recovery Station has been providing this service for many years, and our staff are fully trained with the latest method to allow for simple and secure sessions. There is significant evidence supporting therapy outcomes which is equal to face to face – though in the current circumstances – risk free from possible infection. We have included an information sheet on telepractice and how to use it.

Recovery Station is an experienced telepractice provider. 
You can continue your therapy whilst in isolation, or from remote locations.
Telepractice helps reduce the negative impact of self-isolation on people’s mental health

It is important to feel safe and know that your service provider is committed to your care and supporting you to attain your goals and live the life you want.

Our commitment to you

  • We will not proceed with any home visits or face-to-face therapy sessions where the therapist, client, their family /carer are showing flu-like symptoms which could put others at risk.
  • Heightened hygiene protocols and risk management measures are in place for carrying out face-to-face therapy sessions. Staff have been trained to implement the highest quality infection control measures, including utilisation of masks, limiting contact within visits, and heightened PPE for infection control. All resources utilised will be sterilised after any use.
  • Providing telepractice as the means for you to continue to access Allied Health professional services based on best practice. Our therapists are trained in telehealth and have access to a library of resources to ensure your therapy session is enjoyable and effective.
  • We have restricted the cross contamination between team members by having therapists work from home until further notice and restricting administrative staff from moving between offices.
  • Recovery Station will continue to remain vigilant and responsive to updated information via Government and Professional bodies – such as NSW Health, Occupational Therapy Australia, AHPRA.

For NDIS participants, NDIS guidelines on their cancellation policy remain unchanged. The cancellation policy remains to be equivalent to 90% of what the appointment fee would have been and is charged for appointments cancelled with less than 2 clear business days’ notice. In all circumstances we will endeavour to offer alternatives that can be used in this time to create therapeutic outcomes.

We value your thoughts and feedback on any ways we can work together to assist each other through these challenging circumstances. We are also very aware of the mental health risks people can face with isolation. Telepractice can help to reduce this negative impact, and we will also be introducing various new sessions to keep people connected over the coming weeks, including group sessions.

If you would like to discuss your needs or have any concerns, please contact us so we can work through this together.

Yours sincerely,

 Beth Gwalter (Managing Director)               Lisa Nolan (Director)