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Aged Care Services

As people age, they often become less able to care for themselves; have poorer mobility, which affects their ability to access care; and usually have more complicated medical issues requiring more complex care. For over 10 years Recovery Station has been helping older adults to safely do the things they want to do, including remaining in their homes.

As abilities diminish as part of the normal aging process, families and other caregivers must often help the older person obtain the assistance needed to maintain independence and live safely at home. Allied health professionals work with the people and family to ensure that recommendations to increase independence and safety are specific to their wants and needs, skills, environment, and budget.

We also work in aged care facilities. Here are some of the outcomes we have helped clients achieve:

  • From frowning to smiling: from bed bound to being able to move around the facility freely this lady is now using a motorised scooter and feeding independently.
  • Setting a plan – due to reduced cognition, vision and sitting tolerance this gentleman was assessed as not safe to operate a wheelchair. Instead the focus was a graded regime to get him sitting out of bed which has already made him more alert and socially active.
  • Healthy positioning – from an ill-suited pressure care mattress to a positioning and therapy regime to address pressure areas, lymphedema and giving staff clinical guidance on how to improve general function.
  • More social engagement – due to a significant tremor this resident was not coping well in the dining room when eating and drinking. Distress was making her withdraw more and more. Now with adaptive equipment for eating and drinking, she no long spills food or drink and is happy socialising at the table.
  • Goal to spend Christmas Day with the family – by implementing a daily program of sitting and reaching exercises to improve trunk stabilisation and control and sitting balance this resident is well on her way to going home in a wheelchair for Christmas.

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