COIVD-19 response

access to telepractice and essential allied health services


Telepractice has been a therapy delivery tool utilised by Recovery Station as needed for sometime. Your therapy can be delivered at a distance by linking clinicians, carers, or others via technology such as videoconferencing or phone. It is also a way to continue your therapy whilst in isolation or from remote locations.

Telepractice helps reduce the negative impact of self-isolation on people’s mental health

The Benefits of Telepractice

Given the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic situation, this is now a tool that will become more utilised to ensure not only heightened hygiene protocols and saftey, but to ensure consistent delivery of the necessary Allied Health services our clients require on an ongoing basis.


Using Telepractice, clients can choose to have their appointment provided remotely with their therapist over the phone or video conference, via a smart phone, tablet or laptop.  Recovery Station has been providing this service for many years, and our staff are fully trained with the latest method to allow for simple and secure sessions.

There is significant evidence supporting therapy outcomes which is equal to face to face – though in the current circumstances – risk free from possible infection. We have included an information sheet on telepractice and how to use it.

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