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access to telepractice and essential allied health services


Recovery Station is committed to continuity of care and a need to stay connected with our clients.

We do that via Telepractice.

As we move forward into our “new normal” and all that this entails, maintaining connection with our clients is critical to ensure their safety and overall wellbeing. Telepractice is a way that we can connect, check-in and continue to support our clients.

Thankfully, Recovery Station has been utilising telepractice for a number of years, so we are aware of the benefits and the challenges and can support our clients through the setup and transition, based on their needs and abilities.

Check out how we work on the clip below:


How does it work?

Clients can choose to have their appointment delivered remotely with their therapist over the phone or using a video conference platform. Clients can use their smart phone, a tablet or a laptop, depending on what they have available.

Once set up, your therapist will arrange an appointment at an agreed time, just like you would if you were meeting in person.

The best part of this is that our clients are protected in the safety and comfort of their own home, which is particularly important in this challenging and ever-changing pandemic environment.

You can be assured that our Recovery Station Team are fully trained with the latest delivery methods to allow for simple and secure sessions.


Why Telepractice?

What we know is that isolation is one of the biggest mental health factors in the care of our clients. Thankfully, telepractice provides an opportunity to help reduce the negative impact of self-isolation by creating connection and support.

Other benefits include:

  • Limited wait times for our clients
  • Consistent therapists which creates connection and trust
  • Travel cost savings for clients
  • Therapy can be delivered at home, safely
  • Maintain wellbeing and independence at home
  • Significant evidence supporting therapy outcomes from Telepractice which is equal to face-to-face

If you’d like to learn more about how Telepractice works, check out the Fact Sheet you’ll find below:

Telepractice Fact SheetDownload

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