The Rise Of Telepractice

For the Recovery Station team, virtual care is nothing new. They have been working with clients online for many years.

Why? Because for some clients, this is what works best for them, or perhaps logistically it’s not possible for clients to see their therapist in person.

Our clients continue to need the support of their therapists, particularly with the introduction and ongoing challenges of COVID-19. So Telepractice is a viable delivery tool that enables our therapists to connect with clients in the midst of continued lockdowns.

Continuity of care is everything

The great news for our clients is that we have been able to provide them with the continuity of care that they need. With any type of care, therapy or medication, it is important to continue with that care in order to maintain or improve the clients’ wellbeing.

Consistency is everything when it comes to Allied Health, regardless of the discipline.

Additionally, for many of our clients, they have worked with their therapist for weeks, months or years, so if that care suddenly dropped it would impact their physical and mental wellbeing substantially.

How does it work?

Telepractice can be delivered over the phone, or via video conferencing software or even using FaceTime! Using a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, clients can interact with their therapist on a regular basis and ensure that they are getting the care and support they need.

The important thing to keep in mind is that this is more than just therapy, it is an opportunity for our clients to maintain connection. Perhaps they need to vent their feelings, continue physical therapy or keep their mental health in check. Whatever the reason, it’s all ok.

Plus when a client works with Recovery Station they work with their therapist to set their own, meaningful goals, which means that the client has a connection with their outcomes.

Here’s a snippet from one of our valued clients:

“Doing telepractice in my own time in my own environment was absolutely wonderful. I’m not the most technically-minded person, but it was a lot easier than I expected. Telepractice would be a groundbreaking change to services.”  –  Parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder.

What are the benefits?

Let’s take a look at how Telepractice can benefit you:


Maintain your therapy schedule, albeit remotely.


The time spent with you, is the only time you’re charged for. You won’t be charged additional travel costs.


You can maintain connection with your therapists for your own mental health and wellbeing.


You can maintain your isolation for your own health and safety, especially if you are in a vulnerable health position.

More information?

If you’re considering Telepractice, it could be worth chatting to our team to find out how to get started. It is a relatively simple process and the best news is that we can walk you through the whole thing.

Until next time,