Using iPads for accessibility

In our world today technology, such as the use of mobile phone and tablets, have become a daily occurrence for a large part of the population. This week Occupational Therapist, Meagen Pritchard from Recovery Station provided training on the use of the iPhone and iPad accessibility options for health professionals to use with clients with a wide ranging diagnosis. This can include people with vision or hearing impairments and decreased fine motor function. Through use of these accessibility options, as well as other technology aids, such as switches, people can resume independence with tasks such as making phone calls, sending texts and emails as well as accessing the internet and apps such as banking.


We also explored a wide variety of apps that are available for smart phones to increase Independence in activities of daily living as well as leisure interests.


Recovery Station is able to provide technology assistance and training to increase your independence with daily tasks. Please contact us if you feel we could help you access and make the most of technology. 1300 588 851